Friday, 30 May 2014

Paintwork tips for small spaces

Here at Room Envy we talk about all those qualities that make a home desirable: Lots of space – you can’t get enough of it ; Natural light – you can’t get enough of it; Elegant furnishings – you can’t get enough… anyway I think you get the drift. One aspect that’s very underrated is the paintwork. Who hasn’t agonised over finding the right colour and then when you finally think you have it, wincing at the thought of buying enough to cover those walls (I mean, these days good paint isn’t cheap is it?). Which is why I love these 10 tips from Pride and Joy.
1. White is not always right! Most people will say white when you ask them to select the best colour for a small room. But you can make a room appear larger by painting the walls a light shade; or if you want the space to feel cosy and warm, go for rich tones. Avoid dark colours.
2. What’s the room used for? If it’s a breakfast room or part of the kitchen where you drink coffee or juice first thing in the morning, choose a sunny hue. If it’s a bedroom where you want to unwind, however, choose soft tones which are easy on the eye.
3. Go light! Light colours are great for opening up a small space; they make a room appear larger than it is. Don’t go for white; light green will make your small space seem as open as the great outdoors.
4. Glossy glamour! Using a type of gloss finish will open up a small space. Use semi-gloss in the kitchen or bathroom but stick with the gentler eggshell and satin finishes for the lounge or bedroom.
5. Marvellous monochrome. Use colours that are close in tone so that the eye moves smoothly without any interruption. This tricks the mind into believing a room is larger! Use colours from the same parts of the colour palette.
6. Receding walls. Try using a slightly darker shade on the wall opposite the door; this will make the wall appear to recede and so make the room seem more spacious.
7. Avoid deep colours. Red, dark blue and deep purple will make the room seem smaller. They are, however, the cosiest colours so it depends what you want!
8. Sample stripes. Painting vertical stripes on the walls of a small room will make the ceiling appear higher. You’ll need to do some planning if you want neat lines!
9. White woodwork. White woodwork not only looks clean but will refract the light back into the room given an open, spacious feeling.
10. Splurge! Buy quality paint. Decorating small spaces obviously costs less than large spaces. Pick a quality brand and you can choose from a wide array of colours and enjoy better coverage and a longer life for your walls!
Paint advice, you can’t get enough of it!
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