Monday, 12 May 2014

Lemon - one of the best cleaning helpers!

Looking for best eco cleaning product? - use lemons! Beside they leave a fresh smell, it’s the best natural replacement for industrial cleaners and disinfectants. With high content of citric acid, low pH and antibacterial proprieties, lemons don’t damage fabric or wood like your megastore products do. Always use with warm soapy water and a clean cloth.  
1. Clean antique real-brass objects. Test on a small area before using on the whole surface. But be careful with brass plated things, as the juice will harm the material.
2. Scrub away the dirt off copper pots or dishes.
3. Shine your car’s chrome decorations. Be sure to use salt with the lemon cleaner.
4. Spray on stains, as an effective overnight germ-killer. Rinse the next day and leave the cloth to dry to see the full benefits.
5. In partnership with an old toothbrush, use lemons to scrub out grout.
6. Replace odd odors from your overly-used microwave oven. A 3 quarters filled cup of water with only a few spoons of lemon juice, heated to boiling point and then left for 10 minutes in the microwave, will make your oven smell fresh. With a clean cloth, it will look great as well.
7. Clean laminated counter tops.
8. Scrub with salt on grates and grills.
9. Plastic food containers can be submersed to remove stains and odors.
10. Use cream of tarter with the lemon to make a paste and use it for 30 minutes on stains from polyester and cotton materials. Wash normal afterward.
11. With a gallon of hot water, sanitise you garbage disposal by pouring in the drain.
12. Use as fabric softener. Test a tiny area first, as lemons should not be used of silks or other delicate fabrics.
13. Boost degreasing ability of your normal dish soap, by mixing it with some drops of lemon juice.
14. Freshen-up your refrigerator, once a week.
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