Friday 15 November 2013

When moving to the new house...

Today I would like to point at one a very common issue /problem that we (Interior Designers) have when called out to meet new house owners...- "Moving in together" or "shared house with the family". Can't be more complicated for us to try to balance between all "advisers' that suddenly become experts in interior decorating. 

Moving in together certainly has its challenges, especially when it comes to merging your tastes in decor. You like floral prints, silver and he likes black and white, mum likes traditional wood and classic, sister psychedelic styles  … so how do you make it work???? Few tips:
When moving to YOUR house, where YOU are going to live, make a list of YOUR 'likes' or trust the designer. Your sisters, brothers, mum, neighbours, cousins, colleagues are not going to live there! Sadly and unfortunately, that I crossed such clients...and it wasn't the best moments of my carrier when I was put in a position of family counselor or be blamed for anything just because my clients couldn't agree on the colours and styles between them.. 

Moving in with the partner? Work with the oversized TV, don’t fight it. The chances of you getting your guy to downsize to a smaller TV are slim to none, my friend. So, don’t fight it. Work with it.
If she likes floral and prints and he likes black and white, there are tons of ways to make both parties happy. Consider making the backdrop of the room (like the sofa, the paint colour or the wall unit) a neutral colour like beige, or something soft and masculine, like olive green. Then, dress up the room with pillows, throws and candles to add a dash of femininity to the design scheme.
Strike a balance between warm and cool.
Guys tend to love colder textures like steel; women tend to go for warmer and softer textures. When it comes to living room or bedroom furniture, you’ve got to make sure you have pieces that make both parties feel at home. So, if your guy loves oversized leather furniture, consider making space for his own comfy leather chair, which can sit next to a plush, velvet sofa.
You’ve got a leather couch and he’s got a dog? The dog wins.
If you’ve got a leather couch or wall-to-wall carpeting, consider opting for the more pet-friendly option. Hardwood floors are easier to clean than carpet. Treated microfiber couches are more hassle-free than leather.
Remember - its all about compromising and cutting the list of 'advisers' and this is where and why you call the professional help - Interior Decorator/Designer!

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