Thursday 23 April 2015

Where to start when remodelling your kitchen?

Many homeowners fall into categories when start planning their kitchen renovations:
a. Start by looking at appliances.
b. Collects inspiring kitchen photos. 
 Before doing of all of the above, set the budget and get an consultant to help you to decide if you just need more room, to upgrade your current kitchen or complete remodelling. 

Have you decided to remodel your kitchen? STEP1. Ask yourself: how you use your kitchen? What are your priorities: do you like to cook? how many people will be cooking/gathering? how you will need to move around? storage space? 
STEP 2. Next step finding the photos of the kitchen and features that will fit your lifestyle. You can get ideas from internet, Houzz and photos, showrooms, books and magazines.  Try to reason and be realistic, that not all huge kitchens models will fit your space or look the same. 
When all of the above is set. STEP3. Try to find the professional help to help you with a scope of work, designer will help you with everything from contracts and permits to space planning, budgets, choosing finishes and fixtures, shopping, ordering products, helping you set up a kitchen, and manage your project from start to finish. is not enough just visit a showroom or see a pretty picture.. Remember, there is not just cabinets involved, there are many hidden things that you may not think about when reorganising/remodelling your kitchen: plumbing, drains, electrical points, lighting. Let PRO help you to look at your kitchen from a different angle. 
STEP4.When layout and design is done, now you can use your photo ideas to make your final selection for finishes and fixtures. Many of my clients are so impatient! and start from this point by skipping the layout, design part, so impatient! 

  • cabinetry type, style and colour;
  • backsplash and countertop materials;
  • light fixtures;
  • kitchen sink and faucet;
  • appliances.
STEP5. After all permits are granted. It's time to get that schedule firmed up and start cleaning the cabinets. Many of you will continue living in the house during construction (crazy idea), so set a temporary kitchen so you don't lose your mind!
Discuss the logistics ahead of time with your contractor.  Getting all this on the table beforehand can set expectations and make for a smoother ride. 
STEP6. Once construction is over, well thats what we would like to thin... Its impossible task to finish all at once, there's always these annoying little things of items that are missing, wrong, or simply forgotten about: paint touch ups, switch isn't working, water pipe is leaking — small things like this, and sometimes bigger things like the hood doesn't work, or there's a big scratch in the new counter, floor or backsplash. 
Make a list, try to be informative, document with photos to help contractor to fix these issues. 

It's inevitable that the contractor may have to make multiple visits back to the house to finish these items; prepare yourself for more than one visit and you'll be fine. The best way to approach this is with a cool attitude, stressing yourself and others will not help here. Things happen, little things get missed. It's sort of like making a list for the grocery store and still forgetting some key ingredient. We all do it!
kitchen before.....

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