Friday, 14 March 2014

Curry spice smell in the cabinets and the property?

Curry spice smell in the cabinets and the property?

 I just got many different curry spices from India as I love cooking and just in a week my all cabinets have only curry smell! Not that I hate it, but is just too much.. It is not easy to keep the smell away but there is a way to keep it low. Make sure you seal the bags or containers well and when cooking open all windows, range hood on etc and all should be good.

Try These Natural Ways to Absorb the Odor
Dry ground coffee is a fantastic natural odor absorber, and it works well to get rid of the smell of curry in the home. Place shallow bowls of dry freshly ground coffee inside of cabinets and closets, and place an open bowl in every room. Allow the coffee to work to get rid of the smell for several days. A lingering smell of coffee will remain, but it will finally dissipate, and the odor of curry will be gone for good.
Another natural odor absorber is white vinegar. If you do not like the scent of freshly ground coffee any more than you like the smell of curry, use vinegar. Place shallow bowls of white vinegar in cabinets and closets, and throughout every room in the home. The vinegar will work to absorb and get rid of any unpleasant odors, and it will get rid of the smell of curry in the home if all surfaces have been properly cleaned.

Do Not Forget Closets and Cabinets
The odor of curry can also get into closets and cabinets, especially in the kitchen. Clean out and thoroughly wash the insides and outsides of cabinetry and closets. For wood cabinets use oil soap to clean cabinets, closet doors, and doorframes according to product label instructions, and finish with a coat of natural orange or lemon oil. This might not completely get rid of the smell of curry in the home, but it is a necessary step to properly get rid of any odor-causing residue.

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